What to Do If Your Dog Is Digging Constantly?

What to Do If Your Dog Is Digging Constantly

What to Do If Your Dog Is Digging Constantly

It is a fairly regular occurrence for dogs to bury bones and other dog toys for amusement purposes. While it may appear sweet at first, your dog’s digging tendencies can become extremely bothersome with time, especially if the digging is destroying the aesthetics of your yard. If your dog does not have access to a yard, it may still attempt to dig through your couch cushions and other belongings, which may create a huge mess. There are a few strategies for dealing with your dog’s digging behaviors and making him less of a bother.

Recognize Why This Is Happening

Everyone knows dogs dig, but do you know why? The widely accepted view is that digging is an ancestral behavior that domestic dogs retain. Dogs used to have to forage for their own food millennia ago. They may get more than they can consume in one sitting, at which point they may bury the remainder to prevent other animals from stealing the remnants. Only the dog that buried the food was aware of its location, allowing it to return at its leisure and continue eating. Although domesticated dogs have no actual reason to “keep” food, they do it out of habit.

Reasons for Current Digging Habits

There are a variety of reasons why your dog would desire to dig something up. If you offer your dog a treat that it cannot consume in one sitting, it may instinctively bury it. Dogs may dig a hole in the backyard when they feel overheated and attempt to cool down by putting their face in the ground. Finally, dogs may attempt to bury something in order to entice you to play with it. Certain dogs have the quite irritating habit of burying your personal possessions. They aim to entice you into searching for it with them so that you may spend more time with your pooch.

How to Wean Your Dog From Digging

If you are able to, attempt to determine the reason for your dog’s digging. The cure may require removing all goodies from the immediate area, leaving nothing for your dog to bury. Additionally, if the issue is that your dog is too hot, make certain that there is always sufficient shade outside. On the other hand, you should consider keeping your dog indoors on very hot days to avoid overheating. Dogs occasionally crawl around inside couches in an attempt to find a more comfortable position. Assure that your dog has its own bed to avoid feeling obligated to stay on the couch.

Additionally, it is necessary to keep in mind that certain dog breeds are just more prone to digging than others. For example, terriers are a breed that is prone to digging. If you’re concerned about your dog digging up your garden, you should consider breed when choosing a dog to adopt. However, keep in mind that any breed of dog may dig, and the behavior can even appear later in life.

Changing the Digging Behavior

Often, it is considerably easier to modify a dog’s undesirable habit than it is to eradicate it totally. While it may be difficult to tell your dog to stop digging, you may at least redirect it so that it does not cause as much damage. For instance, you may not want your dog digging in your valued garden but may not mind if the dog digs in other areas of the yard. There are several ways to detract from the charm of your landscape. A simple step is to erect a little fence around your flowers. Because hopping over a fence is bothersome for your dog, it may quickly develop a habit of digging elsewhere.

Getting Rid of Pests

Another typical motivation for your dog to begin digging in your yard is to locate tiny creatures. Chipmunks and moles burrow underground to construct nests, and if your dog observes one of these critters do so, it may begin digging to capture the nuisance. It is exceedingly difficult to refocus your dog’s attention away from possible prey when it sees it. The best course of action is to engage a professional pest control company to remove the creatures from your property. When your dog no longer sees those animals, it will cease digging in an attempt to locate them.

Avoiding Specific Behaviors

You may choose to read other advice on how to encourage your dog to quit digging from other sources. There is a great deal of incorrect information available that you should avoid implementing. You do not want to reprimand your dog for digging, for example. Punishment is never effective when training a dog. The reason for this is because your dog does not associate punishment with undesirable conduct. It is still unsure about the type of activity you desire from it, and hence will continue to engage in the negative habit. It is usually ideal to praise your dog for a task well done, since this establishes a link between an activity and a favorable outcome.

Additionally, keep in mind that digging might have a harmful effect on your dog’s health. Constantly burying its nose and lips in dirt might result in your dog swallowing potentially lethal amounts of soil. Additionally, it might be dangerous if your dog burys a portion of food and then returns to it later. Over time, the food will have gathered dirt and other impurities to the point where it may be rather deadly if your dog consumes it. If your dog becomes seriously ill as a result of burial, immediately take it to a veterinarian’s clinic. It may need stomach pumping.

Remaining Calm

Attempting to educate your dog not to dig might be a nuisance. It is critical that you maintain your composure and patience when around your canine. As with other undesirable behaviors, this is totally correctable, so do not be alarmed if your dog does not instantly change his habits.

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