In the 1990s, a dedicated team of pet lovers began working with animal nutrition experts, veterinarians and scientists to develop a food that would revolutionize the pet food industry. The result was Wellness. Today, they continue to push forward to represent a new generation in natural pet food. They know healthy doesn’t have to be hard, which is why they offer a simple, holistic approach to pet food that focuses on real ingredients with real benefits. They use superior nutrients and probiotics to provide the foundation for whole-body health while satisfying every appetite and providing just what pets need for a happier, healthier, longer life. Along the way, Wellness has also supported their local communities and created long-term sustainability initiatives that help the environment. As a company of people who are passionate about animals and community, they established the WellPet Foundation in 2007 to supports non-profit organizations and activities that encourage healthy, active lifestyles for pets. Honoring groups that are dedicated to the wellbeing of dogs and cats reflects their fundamental responsibility to help pets thrive.

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