Tulane’s Closet

The Cover Me by Tui from Tulane’s Closet, LLC, is a one-piece garment designed to prevent pets from licking or chewing sutures, hot spots, lick granulomas or skin allergies. The Cover Me by Tui is a US Patent Protected Post-Surgical pet product that is breathable, washable, step-into or pullover pet garment with a built-in potty cover so there is no need to remove the garment. Vets and owners love the Step-Into Style because it snaps down the back for easy wound or suture checks. The “Puppy Print Pull Over” Style is perfect for animals with allergies or skin issues. Both styles feature the potty cover which quickly and effortlessly unsnaps from below the tail and re-snaps to the underside to allow the pet to relieve itself. The Cover Me by Tui is offered in both long and short sleeves with seven sizes and multiple colors to choose from.

Ms. Syberg founded Tulane’s Closet in 2011 to provide pets with comfortable alternatives to the e-collar or “cone of shame”. The company’s mission is to safely help pets in comfort. Tulane’s Closet features impeccable customer service, a money back guarantee and is based in St. Peters, Missouri.

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