Top 5 Pet Birds for Beginners

Top 5 Pet Birds for Beginners

Top 5 Pet Birds for Beginners

When it comes to birds, there are several species that may make excellent pets. The fact that they are all distinctive in their own way is the finest part.

They also require less care and upkeep than other pets like dogs and cats, and they’re more autonomous, so you don’t have to engage with them as much. If you do decide to add one of these feathery friends to your household, you will enjoy the company they bring for many years.

Here is a list of the top 5 bird species for first-time pet owners.

1. Conures

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Conures are a catch-all word for a variety of tiny parrot species found in South and Central America. The term “conure” comes from the Portuguese phrase “Conuro,” which means “parrot.” Conures come in a variety of colors and shapes, including the Green-cheeked Conure, Lilac-crowned Parakeet, Jenday Conure, Sunburst Conure, and Nanday Parakeet, to mention a few.

These birds make excellent companions since they communicate effectively and are quite lively. They may also live for up to 30 years, giving you plenty of opportunity to bond with them. The main disadvantage is that because conures are enormous (averaging 15 inches long), they require a spacious cage or aviary where they may fly freely.

2. Cockatiels

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Cockatiels have a distinctive crest that distinguishes them from other birds. They are originated from the Australian continent, but their popularity has taken them all over the world.

Cockatiels make entertaining pets due to their high activity levels. They like interacting with people, therefore you can simply teach them skills like chatting, singing, whistling, and so on. They’re also quite easy to feed because all they need to drink is water and all they need to eat is seeds and vegetables. Because these birds prefer to chew on objects, maintain their cage clean at all times and change their toys on a regular basis.

Consider acquiring a bird stand or an additional cage and keeping it in a room of your house to assist your new pet settle in quickly. Place his cage near your TV or computer so he can see you and get acclimated to your face, voice, and scent during the day.

3. Canaries

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Canaries are a popular pet for beginners since they are simple to care for. They consume largely fruits and vegetables rather than pellets and require less maintenance because all you have to do is clean their cage on a regular basis.

Canaries typically live for less than ten years, which pales in comparison to giant parrots, who may live for up to 100 years! This is a far lesser commitment to make, but it also results in a much quicker heartache.

These birds are also highly sociable creatures, so if you want them to be happy, acquire yourself a companion because they require companionship the majority of the time.

Canary birds, like their parrot counterparts, have a lovely singing voice despite their small size. There is, however, a technique to make your canary sing: Simply putting him on a swing typically gets them moving!

4. Budgies

The Budgerigar, often known as the Budgie, is a small-sized pet bird that requires little maintenance. They are reasonably priced and come in a variety of colors, allowing you to pick the right match for your house.

Combine them with a mirror to make them believe there is another budgie in their cage, and they will be more playful. These birds, like other parrots, enjoy interacting with humans, so you can easily teach them techniques like talking if you’re interested (which isn’t necessary but nonetheless enjoyable).

Because they enjoy chewing on objects, you should give plenty of toys for your new pal. Cage cleaning will be required on a regular basis to remove material that might injure your pet.

5. Lovebirds

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Lovebirds, as the name indicates, are highly lively and gregarious, therefore you should consider keeping them in pairs. They’re not as noisy or dirty as other parrots, making them an excellent choice for folks who live in flats; they also require less toys than larger birds, making cleaning up after them easier.

They’re also really fascinating looking, with their brilliant colors and little stature, and it’s quite a sight to witness them flying around in the wild. If you’re searching for something to keep you occupied at work, try purchasing a fascinating lovebird toy; they can even be trained to perform tricks!


If you decide to obtain a bird as a pet, make sure you do enough study about them and their needs so that when the time comes, the transition is easy for everyone. Pet birds are incredibly sociable animals, and you will need to spend time with them, so plan accordingly.

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