Food Toppers: What’s on Your Dog’s Plate?

Food Toppers What's on Your Dog's Plate

Food Toppers What's on Your Dog's Plate

Food toppers are a great way to spice up your dog’s diet and give him something new to eat. Toppers come in a range of styles and allow you to mix & match to create the right flavor and nutrients for dogs.

When Should You Use Toppers?

It is commonly known that each dog has an own personality. Playing different games and having their stomachs rubbed in different ways are two of their favorite things about each other. Finding out what your dog likes to eat might be a particularly aggravating personality feature. A dog’s eating habits might vary widely. Some dogs will only consume food when you sit with them and watch them eat, while others will consume food at all hours of the day.

Try a couple different toppings if you have a really finicky dog at home to offer variety and taste. This will provide your pet a variety of tastes and textures without having to alter their primary diet. Toppers, on the other hand, have a wide range of nutritional requirements, so you can be confident your dog is healthy and happy as she eats the food she loves!

Benefits of Using

The expense of feeding your dog a wet or raw diet may be appealing to some pet owners, but if it is the only meal your dog eats, the appeal rapidly fades. Incorporating a range of foods, including raw and moist, is simple and affordable with pet food toppers. As a result, finding a diet that will keep your dog licking their bowls after each meal is a simple and cost-effective process.

With the addition of taste and diversity, toppers can allow you to supplement your dog’s diet with essential nutrients. This allows you to tailor your dogs’ diets to their specific needs. Others require help regulating their weight while others need aid acquiring extra amino acids. There’s a topper for everything your dog needs.

Exciting Products That Are Currently Available

A wide variety of dog food enhancers are available! To assist you decide what to buy for your pets, we’ve included a few intriguing options:

  • Stella and Chewy’s products: This high-quality chicken meal mix can be an economical source of raw protein because only a small amount is needed. To help keep your dog’s digestive system in check, this meal topper is freeze-dried and enriched with probiotics. In addition to using cage-free and organic chicken, this brand’s goods are created exclusively in the United States. This is an excellent location to seek for grain-free nourishment.
  • The Honest Kitchen products is a low-cost supplement that provides 30 days of increased nutrition to your dog’s diet. Dog food with daily boosters is a tasty source of additional protein as well as hydration. A fantastic approach to add some moisture to your dog’s diet without having to spend additional money on wet food or force-feed him water is by using this method. In addition, the components in this soup are all of the highest quality for human consumption, including beef, turmeric, pumpkin, and parsley.
  • Pet Kelp Food Toppers provide three distinct recipes. There are approximately 70 vitamins and minerals in each of these products created from dried kelp. To ensure freshness, they are all packaged in resealable bags. For dogs with dry or inflamed skin, this formula is meant to help. The Joint and Bone blend can be added to your dog’s diet as they become older. You can help your child’s joints and bones stay strong and healthy by giving them this formula, which contains glucosamine. The Probiotic Formula can be added to your dog’s diet if he is experiencing digestive troubles. Your dog’s immune system will benefit from the Lactobacillus Acidophilus as well.
  • Sojo’s Lamb Plus toppers are a great way to boost the nutritional value of any dog food, whether it’s moist or dry. It is a 100% raw, grain-free, and gluten-free topping. Despite the fact that Sojo’s offers freeze-dried meat, it also includes five superfoods, including broccoli, green peas, apples and cranberries. They, too, require a well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables in order to be healthy.
  • Redbarn Protein Puffs are a nutritious addition that can be added to your dog’s meal or given out as a reward. In addition to being low in calories and fat yet high in protein, these toppings are also gluten-free and paleo-friendly. It’s human-grade caseinate protein in these sweets, the same kind that you’d find in protein supplements or bars. A low-calorie diet may be achieved by adding these goodies to your dog’s meal plan, especially if you’re struggling with your pet’s weight.

Dog food toppers are a great way to give your dog’s meal a little extra flavor. It’s a win-win situation if your dog is happy!

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