What’s the Big Deal About Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

What's the Big Deal About Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

What's the Big Deal About Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

Dog owners are starting to consider their animals more like family members and less like pets. For many, this means providing their pets with a nutritious diet of raw, unprocessed foods. Nonetheless, kibbles and canned wet dog food dominate the dog food business, both of which are highly processed and may contain a staggering amount of preservatives. Does this imply that pet owners must prepare their own dog food for each meal? No, not always.

Freeze dried dog food is all the rage these days, but unlike many trends, it seems to have some benefit. Continue reading if you’re curious about the excitement around freeze dried dog food and if you should try this increasingly popular meal type.

The Fundamentals of Freeze Dried Dog Food

Freeze dried dog food is exactly what it sounds like: dog food that pet food producers freeze dry to maintain product quality. Unlike kibble or canned dog food, freeze dried food is made entirely of raw materials. Manufacturers freeze dry the product immediately after creating it to retain its integrity and increase its shelf life without infusing it with preservative.

The Advantages of a Raw Diet

Is there a difference between raw and processed foods? To put the answer into context, ask yourself the same question about your own diet. Are canned vegetables healthier than fresh vegetables? What about fresh chicken vs. canned chicken, or healthy grains vs. processed grains? When you think about it in terms of human cuisine, it’s simple to understand how dogs might benefit from a raw diet rather than one consisting only of processed foods.

Freeze dried raw dog food components, including fresh veggies and farm-fresh meats, have considerably more nutrients than their preserved equivalents. As a consequence, moving to a raw diet is likely to result in a significant improvement in your pet’s general health and looks. Some of the advantages that dog owners observe include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Skin and coats that are healthier
  • Fewer allergies
  • Teeth whitening
  • Better breath
  • Better digestion
  • More power
  • Improved weight and health
  • Stools that are “warmer.”

The health advantages of a raw diet are reason enough to carefully consider this meal replacement. If you’re still not convinced, consider the convenience and cost advantages that freeze dried food offers.

The Benefits of Using Freeze Dried Food

Many pet owners believe that the health advantages are sufficient incentive to move their pets to a raw diet. However, if you’re like the majority of dog owners in the United States, money is a concern. When you look at the prices of some of the better grade goods, you may worry whether you can realistically maintain a freeze dried diet. Before you dismiss this option entirely, consider the following benefits of choosing the more natural route:

  • It’s Convenient: The initial raw diet for dogs comprised of freshly prepared handmade meals at each serving. If you’re like most busy pet owners, you don’t have the time or energy to prepare a gourmet meal for your dog for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Freeze dried meals provide all of the advantages of a prepared meal in a handy, ready-to-serve format. Freeze dried dog treats are even more handy, since they may help you introduce raw foods into your dog’s diet throughout the day while also improving their meals as healthful dog food toppers.
  • It’s Safe: While raw meals are better for your pet, they may be dangerous to you and your family’s health. Handling raw meat exposes you to microorganisms that may make you ill. When your dog consumes the food, he will most likely get it on his hair and face, which he will then transmit to surfaces around your house. This puts your whole family at danger of bacterial infection. Freeze drying removes any potentially hazardous microorganisms from the raw components, therefore it does not pose any of these issues. Keep in mind that any abrupt change in your dog’s diet may be harmful to their digestion, so it’s better to ease your dog into a raw-ingredient diet, even if you’re using freeze-dried food.
  • It Reduces Food Waste: While it is feasible to prepare dog meals without jeopardizing your or your loved ones’ safety, you would need to purchase just enough components each week. You risk waste perfectly delicious food if you overbuy.
  • It Has the Potential to Save You Money: Continuing on from the previous point… Food waste is expensive. Though practically all American families waste food, you might compound your own issue by attempting to make your pet’s meals on a regular basis. You risk squandering $5 to $10 worth of food if you skip only one or two meals. However, with freeze dried food, you may feed just what your pet will eat and then reseal the bag until the next meal.

However, one of the biggest advantages of feeding your dog freeze dried food is that you can know precisely what you’re giving your pet. High-quality freeze dried foods feature detailed labeling that make it clear what’s within the package. You no longer have to wonder what an ingredient is or whether it would make your dog sick – everything you need to know is there on the label.

Change Your Dog’s Diet to a Healthier One

As a pet owner, you want what’s best for your pet, which may include feeding him or her an all-natural, nutritious diet. However, if you’re like most people these days, you hardly have time to prepare meals for yourself, much alone your pets. Freeze dried dog food enables you to provide your pet just the finest in the most convenient and cost-effective method imaginable.

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