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Top 12 Cats That Are Good With Kids

Top 12 Cats That Are Good With Kids

Top 12 Cats That Are Good With Kids

Your children are now old enough to take on the responsibility of owning a pet. If your children have been requesting a cat for some time, you may be at a loss for what to do and are seeking for a feline to help them relax!

While the majority of cats are nice, there are a few who are not so social. The last thing you want is to welcome a new cat into your home only to have it hiss and scratch your children on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are a lot of cats who are quiet, composed, and collected. When you’re looking for a cat that your kids will adore for years, these are the finest breeds to consider.

1. Maine Coon

Maine coon cats are recognized for having thick fur coats. To keep its fur under control, you’ll surely need the correct grooming gear. These felines, on the other hand, are very affectionate and loving. They are one of the largest cat breeds available, yet they get along well with all youngsters. They are usually nice with other animals as well.

2. American Shorthair

Top 12 Cats That Are Good With Kids 1

The personality of American Shorthair cats are regarded to be particularly sweet. They make great playmates and are usually eager to engage in toy play. These cats have soft personalities, so you won’t have to worry about them going wild all the time.

3. Birman

Top 12 Cats That Are Good With Kids 2

If you already have a dog, a Birman cat might be a wonderful addition to your household. It has a laid-back demeanor and is one of the few cat breeds that may possibly be taught. People who wish to put a leash on their cat and take it for a stroll every now and then can consider a Birman. The entire family may go on a walk with a dog and a cat on a leash.

4. Abyssinia

Children have a lot of energy, so it’s a good idea to get them a pet that can keep up with them. The Abyssinian is one of the most active breeds available. If you have a large garden with plenty of space to explore, these cats are ideal. You may even be able to teach an Abyssinian a few tricks if you obtain one while it’s still young.

5. Ragdoll

When children desire a pet, they often want to snuggle with it. There are several cat breeds that you should never pick up, no matter what. The Ragdoll cat, thankfully, is not one of them. Because it has a propensity to become limp, this is a perfect cat for youngsters to pick up. It will not fight back, and in fact, it will most likely like being the center of attention.

6. Devon Rex

Top 12 Cats That Are Good With Kids 3

Devon Rex cats are a breed that understands how to go with the flow. It may be self-sufficient at times, so you won’t have to worry if it’s going to be alone for the most of the day. It will find a method to keep itself entertained. This breed, on the other hand, thrives on attention. Be prepared for this cat to want to cuddle up with you when you’re laying in bed or on the sofa.

7. Manx

Manx cats are affectionate and lively. The fact that they are one of the few cat breeds that do not have a true tail makes them ideal for children. If they do have one, it is usually stubby and short. This is not only adorable, but it also protects small children from grasping the cat’s tail. No matter what kind of cat you buy, none of them will like having their tails pulled. If you’re worried about your children being too rambunctious around your cat, Manx cats are a perfect choice.

8. Himalayan

Top 12 Cats That Are Good With Kids 4

Himalayan cats are a wonderful compromise between being energetic and being calm. You can play fetch with your Himalayan if it has a lot of energy to burn. If you have a laser pointer around the home, having the kids aim it towards the wall may be a lot of fun.

9. American Curl

Top 12 Cats That Are Good With Kids 5

The face of an American Curl cat is very unique. Their ears curve up over their skulls, giving them an always alert look. These cats are laid-back and adapt well to changing surroundings. They are incredibly people-oriented, so don’t be shocked if your American Curl follows you around the home wherever you go.

10. Havana Brown

These cats have a high level of intelligence. Havana Browns have a stunning physical appearance, with a lovely brown coat and wide, expressive green eyes on the majority of them. Companionship is a must for these felines. They also have a tendency to be somewhat vocal.

11. Ragamuffin

Top 12 Cats That Are Good With Kids 6

You’ll love owning a Ragamuffin as long as you don’t mind having a cat on your lap for lengthy periods of time. These cats have a nice disposition and have a tendency to follow their owners around. Furthermore, if you and your family travel often, this is an excellent cat. When it comes to cat breeds, Ragamuffins are typically the most adaptable and adaptable.

12. Selkirk Rex

Top 12 Cats That Are Good With Kids 7

Because of its easygoing attitude, the Selkirk Rex is an excellent choice for families with children. They may be highly loving with people if they have been socialized. In addition, if your family need a therapy cat, a Selkirk Rex is an excellent option.

It is important to choose a cat breed that gets along nicely with youngsters. However, regardless of the breed you choose, it is essential to educate your children the necessity of playing gently with cats. Your family’s cat will be an excellent buddy as long as your children understand not to be too violent during playing.

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