How to Get Your Dog Into Dog Modeling

How to Get Your Dog Into Dog Modeling

How to Get Your Dog Into Dog Modeling

Modeling a dog It’s a real thing! If your dog is the most gorgeous, distinctive, well-behaved, or skilled, you may want to try a modeling career for your pup. It will take some effort, and there will be certain particular measures you must follow, but with the appropriate knowledge, he just could obtain a job!

Take Excellent Headshots

Yep! Because canine modeling is identical to human modeling, your dog will need headshots. This will be part of the bundle you’ll use to sell your dog’s modeling abilities. You could always pay a professional to shoot the headshots, but you know your furry companion better than anyone else, so spending that time with him and obtaining the ideal images may work better for you. To acquire a nice headshot, follow these steps:

  1. You’ll need the proper lighting. The ideal light for people and dogs is natural light. Pose the dog near a glass door or window to capture the gentle light that filters in. If you’re taking the shot outside, choose an overcast day so that the sunshine isn’t too intense.
  2. You must learn how to concentrate properly. Dogs are wiggly little animals, therefore you must learn how to concentrate properly. If you think you’ll be too jittery or wobbly, try using a tripod. When you take the photo, hold your breath. Place your elbows on a table. If the dog is moving, make sure you’ve reviewed your camera settings with a professional so the image isn’t fuzzy.
  3. Distracting backdrops should be avoided. A distracting backdrop should never be used in your dog’s headshot. Avoid a cluttered environment if you’re inside. If you’re going to be outside, choose a location with a natural but uninteresting backdrop so the dog truly shines out.
  4. You need to get down on your dog’s level. Dogs may be photographed from a variety of perspectives, but for a headshot, you should get down on the dog’s level. Whistle, provide dog treats, or do anything else to grab your dog’s attention so that he stares directly into the camera for the image.
  5. You should let your dog to play. If you don’t obtain the ideal shot straight away, use a dog toy in between shots. If you’re out in the heat, a Cool Pup Cooling Dog Toy could be just the thing. If you’re in a park, you may bring a fetch toy with you to burn off some energy or to utilize for action shots.
  6. You must bring rewards. You should bring something your dog enjoys as a treat with you.

When you’re through with your picture session, go over the images to see which ones best represent your dog’s appearance and personality. It’s OK to tweak the images a little if necessary, but don’t get too creative with a headshot.

Make a Resume for Your Dog

Although it may seem absurd, your dog will need a résumé. If he has past modeling experience, you should advertise it to a prospective modeling agency. Even if the dog has no modeling experience, the following information should be included in the resume:

  • Any training or behavior competition certificates
  • A list of your dog’s distinctive abilities, including fascinating qualities
  • Unusual skills, such as being able to ride a skateboard or getting along well with other animals, etc.

Your dog’s name, as well as your name and contact information, should be included on the CV. You should also provide your dog’s size, weight, measurements, and coat.

Think About Hiring an Agent

Some dogs will sell themselves due to their personality, physical characteristics, prior experience, and particular talents, while others may need the assistance of an agent. There are many fraudsters out there, therefore it’s critical that you don’t fall for one. You may chat with someone at the dog modeling agency to get an agent. If you want to work for a specific retail firm, go to their marketing director to acquire the names of modeling agencies they’ve previously worked with. Your dog trainer or groomer may also offer some suggestions.

You Can Sell Your Dog By Yourself

Whether or whether you employ an agent, there are several things you can do on your own to advertise your dog. Create a public social media account, for example, and share images and videos of your dog. Make use of hashtags and shares to get your dog’s name out there. You might even create a personal website for your dog and connect it to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Entering your dog in competitions is another method to sell him. You might join the contest if the dog food company you buy is seeking for a new canine face for their goods. If your local fair offers a dog category, you might enter your dog in it and work your way up to a regional, state, or national competition.

Maintain Your Dog’s Fitness

Everyone wants a day to unwind, but you should never neglect cleanliness and routine dog care. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Regularly bathe your dog.
  • Maintain his fur or hair by brushing and grooming it.
  • Make sure he looks fantastic when you go out.
  • Visit the veterinarian on a regular basis.
  • Feed only nutritious dog food to your dog.
  • Every day, take your dog for a walk.

As you can see, securing a modeling job for your dog will need some effort, but it is doable. Whether this is your first time modeling or you’re a seasoned pro, take some steps to get your dog started on this exciting career.

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