8 Ways to Keep Your Cat Amused

8 Ways to Keep Your Cat Amused-1

8 Ways to Keep Your Cat Amused

Cats have been human companions for thousands of years. The Egyptians worshiped them because of their cleverness and charm, and today’s cat-themed memes aren’t far off from how the Egyptians felt. Of course, keeping such an intellectual animal as a pet necessitates keeping him or her engaged. Consider the following suggestions to keep your cat psychologically and physically healthy and happy.

1. Design a Treasure Hunt

Cats like hunting. You may keep him or her busy by hiding toys throughout the home. To keep your cat engaged, rotate the toys you conceal on a regular basis. The greatest toys are interactive, such as the Flitter Automatic Teaser Cat Toy, which may be shown or “hidden” beneath a sofa or chair. Simpler toys may also be used to create treasure hunts. Put a ping pong ball in the bathtub and see what happens. Your cat can bat it around for hours without losing it beneath the refrigerator.

2. Allow Him His Personal Space

Cats, like adolescents, are temperamental and secretive, therefore it is essential that yours has its own room to play. Some people go to great lengths to design a complete room for their cat, yet simply a portion of one room would suffice. Begin with a cat tree or scratching post, followed by a handful of his or her favorite toys. Cats like seeing what is happening on outside, so try placing him or her near a window where he or she can relax and observe the neighbors. To make things even more interesting, try hanging some of the toys so your cat can bat them about.

3. Leave Your Stuff At Home

Thousands of cat photographs on the internet attest to this. Cats like empty bags, empty boxes, and even empty laundry baskets. When possible, keep stuff like these available for your cat to investigate, play with, or nap in. However, it is important to remember to be cautious. Remove any gaps in the bags or boxes where your cat’s head or neck may get caught first.

4. Purchase a Bird Feeder

Consider giving your cat a front-row seat to the next feeding session if he or she enjoys watching birds in the yard. Set up a tiny bird house in front of a window that your cat can easily reach and look out of. Fill it with birdseed and watch as birds, squirrels, and chipmunks come to visit your yard. Not only will you keep your cat amused, making him or her less inclined to leap on counters or otherwise get into mischief, but you will also be helping to feed the local animals. Remember that cats like hunting, so only place a bird feeder in your yard if your cat remains inside or if you attach a bell to its collar to warn it of its prey.

5. Make Him Do Chores In Exchange For Treats

Cats are clever, so why not put them to the test? Rather of just giving your cat a treat every now and then, let him or her work for it by utilizing a treat-feeding toy like the Funkitty Egg-Cersizer Cat Toy. Toys like this one are designed to deliver food while your cat solves riddles or just bats the toy around. Even before consuming the cat treats, he or she will burn off the calories.

6. Allow Him to Climb

If your cat is like most others, he enjoys climbing. The higher a cat gets, the more content he or she is. Even if you don’t have a huge house, you may construct areas for your cat to climb. Consider various methods you may enable him or her to vary the perspective, in addition to purchasing a cat tree such as the Cat is Good Scratch Post and Cat Perch. Clearing out a bookshelf, a small table, or even the back of your couch provides him with several opportunities to become king of the jungle. If you leave the blinds open throughout the day so he or she can look outdoors, you’ll probably get more purrs in the evening. To avoid a messe or tragedy, remember to remove any breakable or hazardous things from the area beforehand.

7. Allow Him to Go Outside

If your cat is exceptionally relaxed, try taking him or her for a stroll with a Come With Me Kitty Leash and Harness. Begin by keeping your pet in the backyard to observe how he reacts to being leashed and outdoors, but first check for harmful plants or other potentially dangerous objects. If your cat is good on a leash, you may take him or her for longer walks around the block or around the neighborhood. Even if you don’t feel comfortable walking your cat, you may be able to provide him with some secure outside time. Many individuals are now constructing screened-in “porches” for their cats, which they may enter and depart through a pet door anytime they like. These screened-in enclosures provide your cat the illusion that he is spending time outdoors without the danger of his getting away. If you do create one, use extra-strong screen material so he or she cannot paw through it if they get aroused.

8. Get a New Cat

Many cats just want a friend to play with. Consider obtaining another cat for your pet to play with if your budget and lifestyle allow. However, before introducing another pet, you should evaluate your cat’s temperament, age, and past living circumstances. If your cat is four years old or older and has never lived with another cat, he or she may resist sharing your attention. It is ideal to introduce a new pet to a cat that is younger and has had great interactions with other cats in the past.

When considering methods to engage your cat, keep in mind that, like people, each one has a distinct personality. Not all of these suggestions will work for every cat, but with little trial and error, you should be able to come up with plenty of methods to keep your pet happy, healthy, and interested every day.

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