14 Fluff-Coated Dog Breeds That Deserve All the Praise

14 Fluff-Coated Dog Breeds That Deserve All the Praise

14 Fluff-Coated Dog Breeds That Deserve All the Praise

Numerous descriptive terms exist for double-coated dogs, including fluffy, poofy, and downy. Naturally, it’s completely snuggable! If you’re determined on one of these breeds, though, do some research on their maintenance, since each fuzzy Fido with this distinct coat demands a specialized grooming routine. We offer professional advice that may be of use.

1. German Shepherd

While German shepherds have always been regarded a gorgeous breed, they are also renowned for their devotion and commitment to duty and family. According to Charles, they feature smooth double coats with variations in topcoat lengths of short, medium, and long.

2. Golden Retriever

14 Fluff-Coated Dog Breeds That Deserve All the Praise

Few doggy grins are as appealing as those of the easygoing golden retriever, who is usually chosen as a companion for furry children. Although there are three distinct breeds of golden retrievers, they all have medium-length coats that range in color from cream to honey to red and are either straight or wavy with feathering.

3. Labrador Retriever

In the United States, adorable Labrador retrievers are the most popular dogs, and their loyalty knows no boundaries. According to Charles, a Lab’s double coat is smooth and short, often either black, liver, chocolate, or yellow.

4. Australian Shepherd

14 Fluff-Coated Dog Breeds That Deserve All the Praise

Do Australian shepherds have a double coat? Indeed! These flock shepherds have wavy undercoats and medium-length topcoats that are as unusual as their affectionate, clever, and outgoing dispositions.

5. Siberian Husky

14 Fluff-Coated Dog Breeds That Deserve All the Praise

Probably the first puppy that comes to mind when thinking about double-coated dogs, Charles describes the Siberian husky as having silky hair that may be short, plush, or wooly. A devoted Arctic breed, these gregarious and endearing canines are excellent companions for busy people and thrive in harsh regions thanks to their very thick coats.

6. Shih Tzu

The royal shih tzu, dubbed ‘the tiny lion,’ is a natural lap lover, brimming with tenderness, humor, and charm. With her light undercoat and long, thick hair-like topcoat, you’ll have a blast styling her in one of these adorable hairstyles.

7. Bernese Mountain Dog



14 Fluff-Coated Dog Breeds That Deserve All the Praise

The name says it all: being a rugged working farm breed from the Alps, the Bernese mountain dog is protected from the elements by a lengthy overcoat and woolly undercoat. A dependable canine companion, ‘Berners’ make excellent family pets.

8. Border Collie

A border collie, one of the sharpest canines ever, dazzles with boundless energy and diverse talents. Charles describes this remarkable herder as having two coat finishes: smoother, shorter, and coarser, as well as a medium length with feathering.

9. Great Pyrenees

14 Fluff-Coated Dog Breeds That Deserve All the Praise

The calm Great Pyrenees is another mountain dog that enjoys curling up by the fire. His longer overcoat and silky undercoat distinguish him from other white dog breeds. Additionally, despite his independence, he is unshakable in his support for any animals entrusted to his care.

10. Pomeranian

Who delivers double the floof in a package brimming with sass and spunk? The Pomeranian has a double coat. As the smallest of the Spitz dog breeds, her medium–to–long silky topcoat and wavy, wiry undercoat will delight your groomer.

11. Chow Chow

14 Fluff-Coated Dog Breeds That Deserve All the Praise

According to Charles, chow chows have either a rough or a silky topcoat, which is combined with a wooly undercoat. You will not need to wash these deep thinkers often, but brushing on a regular basis is necessary. Although they are not very cuddly, underneath their huge fluff is a kind heart.

12. Newfoundland

14 Fluff-Coated Dog Breeds That Deserve All the Praise

The sweet-tempered Newfoundland may have the appearance of a bear (that coarse and lengthy topcoat combined with a soft thick undercoat emphasizes the furry), but she is a great softie for her owners. Additionally, these canines are adept swimmers with a history of saving lives.

13. Akita

The studious Akita, one of Japan’s six indigenous dog breeds, is devoted to her house and all her people. Preferring to be the sole four-legged companion in the vicinity, she will relish all the pats and rubs you offer her smooth, short topcoat and rich velvety undercoat.

14. Keeshond

14 Fluff-Coated Dog Breeds That Deserve All the Praise

The exuberant Keeshond is an excellent fluffy companion for both children and adults, and wears a lengthy topcoat over a wooly undercoat. This doggo is renowned for digging a hole in the ground to lay in during the winter cold and summer heat.

Grooming Tips for Double-Coated Dogs

Charles’ grooming suggestions should have your curly-haired pet looking spiffy in no time.

Breeds with shorter, smoother topcoats, such as the German shepherd, husky, Akita, and Labrador, benefit from weekly brushing with a rubber curry comb, such as the Zoom Groom, or an undercoat rake and a greyhound comb to minimize loose hair.

Daily brushing using a greyhound comb, slicker brush, and de-matting tool helps avoid matting on dogs with longer or feathery topcoats, such as golden retrievers and Australian shepherds.

Regular brushing benefits double-coated dogs with coarse topcoats, such as Cairn terriers, but requires a competent groomer to handstrip and manage texture.

“The ideal method is to have a groomer do regular monthly de-shedding treatments to avoid damaging the undercoat,” Charles advises. “Give breeds with feathered hair a modest trim to avoid small tangles from developing into massive mats.”

Is It Possible to Shave Double-Coated Dogs?

No, since these dogs are seldom shaved to maintain their comfort. Klein asserts that excessive shaving jeopardizes the integrity and function of a double coat. If you’re worried about heatstroke, speak with your veterinarian about other methods of keeping your thick-furred dog cool in hot weather.

However, there are several circumstances in which professional shaving may be necessary. According to Charles, some breeds, such as shih tzus, need frequent combing to maintain their long hair untangled. Unless the pet is also a show dog, it is customary to shorten this coat.

Another motive is to give a health makeover for rescue dogs who have mats or unclean fur, or for canines who have been abandoned outdoors for extended periods of time. “Do not scissor mats out of the coat,” Charles advises. “It is safer to shave mats out, and it is advisable to see a groomer for any little spot shaving or matting removal that is close to the skin.” As always, consult a specialist to determine the best course of action for your dog’s condition.

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