Reasons Why Your Dog Requires Eye Protection

Reasons Why Your Dog Requires Eye Protection

Are you someone who enjoys carrying your dog wherever with you? Whether you’re doing errands on a Wednesday afternoon or spending a weekend in search of new adventures, everything is more thrilling when you’re accompanied by your dog. Naturally, when traveling with your dog, you want to ensure his safety and protection. Goggles are one item of safety equipment that you may be overlooking. Regardless of the weather or activity, it is critical to protect your pup’s eyes to keep him safe, happy, and having a good time with you. For a variety of reasons, goggles are an excellent option.

Your Dog Is of a Particular Breed

The breed of your dog may dictate whether he need eye protection when outside. Dogs classified as brachycephalics, such as French bulldogs and pugs, have larger eyes. As a result, they are more susceptible to eye ulcers and unintentional damage. Certain breeds are more prone to Pannus, an inflammatory disorder that can impair their vision. Greyhounds, German Shepherds, Border Collies, and Labrador retrievers are all susceptible to this issue and would benefit from wearing goggles when outside. Finally, dogs with light-colored eyes are more susceptible to sun damage. Doggles, such as these Gunmetal Gray Frames with Smoke Lenses, will safeguard your Huskies, Dachshunds, Corgis, and Australian Shepherds.

Your Dog Already Has Eye Issues

If your dog is blind, has an eye ailment such as glaucoma, ocular cancer, or cataracts, suffers from seasonal allergies, or already has an eye injury such as a corneal abrasion, wearing goggles will prevent him from causing additional harm. If you’re uncertain whether your dog has a prior eye injury, investigate his behavior. He could squint, have red eyes, or wipe his eyes with his paw. If you detect any of these signs, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian in addition to purchasing a stylish set of goggles for your dog.

Your Canine Companion Is a Working Dog

A dog who works as hard as you do deserves the same level of protection you do. As they dash through deep woodlands and underbrush, hunting dogs are particularly prone to eye damage. However, it is not just hunting dogs that require protection. Military and K-9 canines are frequently placed in more risky circumstances than the majority of people. They leap from helicopters, monitor the streets, and even assist in murderous fentanyl operations. To keep working dogs safe on the job, they require full-face safety goggles such as the Rex Specs Dog Goggles.

Your Dog Requires Sun and Weather Protection

Perhaps your dog enjoys lengthy days spent sunbathing at your favorite dog beach. Perhaps he enjoys winter frolics in the snow. Whichever sort of weather your dog favors, it is critical to protect his eyes while he is having fun. Just like the sun’s UV rays are harmful to our skin and eyes, they are also harmful to dogs. This is especially true if your dog already suffers from a congenital ailment such as Pannus. UV-blocking eye protection, such as the Doggles Sidecar Dog Goggles, keeps your dog’s eyes safe and healthy. Additionally, goggles protect him from wind, snow, sand, and water that might enter his eyes and cause pain or suffering.
Your Dog Recently Suffers From Eye Trauma

If your dog has previously had an injury as a result of being too rowdy while not wearing safety goggles, it is more critical than ever to purchase him a pair that protects his eyes. Whether he has a damaged cornea or is recovering from more serious eye surgery, he must avoid rubbing or scratching at his eye with his paws. Goggles shield your pup’s eyes and look far more fashionable than a cone of shame.

Your Dog Is Simply Trying to Look Cool

Who says you need a cause to get a fantastic set of goggles for your dog? While they will protect his eyes, they also look fantastic. If your dog enjoys swimming, he may do so in elegance while wearing the Doggles ILS2 Silver Frames with Clear Lenses. These safety goggles have clear lenses, which ensures that your pooch can see well if he takes a large dive into the water. Who isn’t a sucker for a road trip with their closest friend? When wearing these comfy, cool, and effective Doggles ILS2 Shiny Black Frames with Mirror Blue Lenses, man’s best friend may hang his head out the window as much as he likes. Are you simply in possession of a fluffy little fashionista? Take these Doggles ILS2 Pink Frames with Sunset Mirror Lenses and practice your best selfie faces with your dog.

Choosing the Correct Dog Goggles

The most critical aspect of selecting the correct eyewear for your dog is the fit. Calculate the circumference of his head and muzzle, as well as the distance from the muzzle to the rear of his mouth, to determine where they will land on his face. Along with fit, be certain the goggles contain the functions you want. Choose a pair that provides 100 percent UV protection, is adjustable, and features interchangeable lenses to accommodate changing weather and terrain. Additionally, flexible frames, anti-fog technology with enough ventilation, and scratch-resistant lenses are included.

When you purchase protective goggles for your pup’s eyes, you can safeguard him while showing off your (or his!) flair. Bear in mind that if this is your pup’s first time wearing protective eyewear, proceed cautiously. They may cause him anxiety, so take your time acclimating him to them by playing yard games before embarking on your big journey. You and your companion will be sailing in elegance in no time!

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