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Is it Easy to Train Golden Retrievers?

Is it Easy to Train Golden Retrievers?

Is it Easy to Train Golden Retrievers?

The more trained your dog is, the more enjoyment you will have. Consider this…

If she’s misbehaving, are you going to take her out and about town with you?

Most likely not.

Will you welcome friends and relatives over and allow him mingle with everyone if she has horrible manners? Or will you be forced to confine him to a room because he will not stop leaping on everyone?

Most likely the latter.

Therefore, whether you already own a golden retriever or are considering purchasing one, you’re undoubtedly asking, “Are golden retrievers simple to train?”

Fortunately, you’re in luck! Golden retrievers are among the most trainable canines.

Golden retrievers made up three of the top ten finalists in the 2018 AKC National Obedience Championship. Additionally, there is a reason that the majority of therapy and service dogs are golden retrievers…

They are quite easy to train! Continue reading to learn why.

Golden Retrievers Are Known For Being People Pleasers

Golden retrievers are quite sociable. This simplifies the process of training them.

If they understand what you’re asking them to do and realize how much you like it when they do it, they’ll continue to do it!

They are motivated to learn, listen, and obey by their desire to please their owners (and humans in general).

Once my golden retriever puppy learned to sit, he quickly began sitting in front of us at odd times, even when we didn’t ask him to.

He’d then wait until we rubbed his ears and complimented him on what a nice boy he was.

However, because they like people, it might be difficult to train them (more about this later).

Golden Retrievers Are Intelligent

Of course, regardless of how much a dog desires to please its owner, they will remain difficult to teach if they are not intelligent. However, goldens have no such issue.

Stanley Coren, a professor of canine psychology, put golden retrievers fourth on his list of the brightest dog breeds in his book, The Intelligence of Dogs.

The border collie, poodle, and German shepherd were the only dogs that rated higher than golden retrievers.

Golden Retrievers Are Highly Energized

Golden retrievers thrive on activity, and a training session with your golden may be a pleasant (and beneficial) way to spend time together.

Indeed, golden retrievers require training.

If you do not cognitively excite them, they will find other methods to do so.

They may accomplish this by attempting to answer the question, “How many bites does it take to gnaw through this wooden chair leg?”

Golden retrievers have a plenty of energy, and they thrive when that energy is channeled toward accomplishing a goal (like as obeying a command when requested).

On the other side, low-energy dogs might be more difficult to teach. They often lack enthusiasm for physical activity and expend much mental energy attempting to comprehend what you’re asking them to accomplish.

Thus, the golden retriever’s high activity level is advantageous while teaching them.

Golden Retrievers Absolutely Adore Treats

This feature may be the lone factor that makes golden retrievers so easy to teach. They ADORE sweets.

Once they understand that they will receive incentives for following your instructions, they will be much more receptive to listening. My golden may be playing with his toys, napping, or simply lounging on the couch, but if he sees me approach the treat jar, he immediately comes to my side.

And, while goldens adore sweets, they might become tired with them after a while, so be careful to rotate the treats you give them.

I enjoy giving little snacks to my golden Zuke. I normally alternate between dishes using peanut butter and oats, chicken, and rabbit.

Can Golden Retrievers Be Difficult to Train?

The fact is that many of the characteristics that make goldens easy to teach may also make them difficult to train at times.

Golden retrievers are naturally gregarious. They adore humans. And they are not picky about who they adore. Therefore, if you’re asking them to walk beside you along the sidewalk, but someone is running on the opposite side of the street, they may lose track of you and go say hello to the runner.

Golden retrievers are intelligent animals. Indeed, they are so intelligent that they are frequently malicious. You may ask them to drop a toy or shoe, but if they realize you’re going to track them down to get it, they’ll forego obedience in favor of a fun game of chase.


According to the AKC, golden retrievers are the third most popular breed of dog, and for good reason.

They are excellent family dogs and are devoted to their owners.

Additionally, they are easy to teach because they are intelligent, sociable, have a lot of energy, and enjoy rewards.

If you’re searching for a new family member, a golden retriever is a wonderful choice.

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