Howl-O-Ween: Celebrity Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. Like many pet owners, you probably want to dress your dog up in an adorable costume and show him off around the neighborhood. Why not dress him as your favorite celebrity? From historical figures to the hottest stars of today, there are plenty of options. Of course, before you find the best celebrity costume for your dog, you may need some tips and tricks for getting him to wear it.

How To Get Your Dog To Wear a Costume

Allowing your pet to get used to his costume on his time is essential for a successful Halloween, so be sure to begin the process several weeks before the big event. Start by placing his costume next to him and allowing him to sniff it for a while. The longer he seems interested in it, the better your chances are that he’ll wear it.

You’ll want to start teaching him to wear his costume several weeks before the event, starting with wearing it for only short amounts of time. When putting the costume on your dog, be sure to give plenty of praise and reward him with some of his favorite treats. Repeat the process each day until he can wear the costume for longer periods of time, doesn’t seem upset when he puts it on and doesn’t try to get parts of it off when he’s wearing it. The hardest part of getting your dog to wear a costume will be deciding which one he’ll look the cutest in. There are plenty of options available.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Okay, so maybe it’s a little obvious, but Dog the Bounty Hunter is a fun and easy costume for you to create for your pooch. All you need is a great wig, like this blonde Blue Bandana with Hair Dog Costume . Pair it with a leather jacket and you’re sure to be chasing down perps all Halloween.

Albert Einstein

Perhaps one of the most recognizable historical figures, Albert Einstein was known for a variety of discoveries during his long scientific career. Show off your dog’s smarts with his own costume, known as the Al-Bark Einstein Dog Costume . The adorable display includes a dickey with an attached tie, a white lab coat, and Einstein’s recognizable white hair in the form of a dog wig. Even if you don’t intend to take your pet out trick-or-treating, you can’t deny that this costume would be an excellent photo opportunity.

Jojo Siwa

Jojo Siwa got her start on “Dance Moms” when she was just a child, but these days, the 18-year-old icon has her own movie, fashion lines, makeup lines, and so much more. As popular as she is, it’s no surprise that Siwa’s line extends to not one but two costumes for dogs. Option one, the Jojo Siwa Dog Costume by Rubies , features a black Jojo top and a hot pink skirt. One of Siwa’s classic giant bows is included in pink to complete the look. Perhaps you’d rather go with option two, the Jojo Siwa Bow Bow Dog Costume by Rubies . This option features a pink sequined shirt with a giant gold sequined bow, along with a second gold sequined bow for your dog’s head. Your pet will look beautiful no matter which Jojo Siwa costume you like best.


Let your dog save the world with a little girl power. The Supergirl costume features a shimmery dress in the traditional red and blue shades you’d expect from the “Superman” franchise, along with an attached gold belt and the Supergirl logo on the back. The costume is easy to put on your pup and ensures she stays looking amazing throughout your Halloween event.

Brazilian Bombshell

A little bit Chiquita Banana, a little bit bombshell, Rubies Brazilian Bombshell Dog Costume features a ruffled dress in all your favorite bright colors, including pink, green, blue, and yellow. A fruit hat features a pineapple, banana, orange, and apple and completes the look. Another costume that is easy to wear while still being adorable, your dog is sure to be the hit of the party in this.


You can’t have a section of celebrity dog costumes without features an Elvis Cape Dog Costume by Rubies . The perfect costume for dogs that prefer not to wear full clothing sets, this option features Elvis’ signature white cape with a rhinestone eagle design and attached red scarf. A black wig styled to look like his famous pompadour secures under your dog’s chin for plenty of comfort and cuteness.

The Pope

Talk about a historical figure! Dressing your dog up like the pope with the Holy Hound Dog Costume is sure to turn heads at any Halloween event you and your pooch attend. The adorable costume features a printed robe that includes a built-in, detailed stole. The 100% polyester costume is topped off with a printed miter headpiece. Add a little extra fun to it by purchasing a dog stroller and covering it with clear plastic to mimic the car that the Pope rides around in!

Whether you’re heading to a Halloween event specifically for pets or you’re walking around the neighborhood to show off your pet’s costume, keep in mind that dogs should only wear their costumes for short periods of time. A couple of hours tops is what’s best. By taking it slow and introducing your pet to his favorite celebrity costume over time, you are more likely to be successful for your holiday endeavors.

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