Solid Gold

Explore Petstup’s wide selection of Solid Gold products and find out how this group of animal lovers, explorers and nutritionist craft their holistic formulas. For over forty years, Solid Gold has been developing a growing line of dry & canned foods, treats, and supplement products for both dogs and cats.

As part of Solid Gold’s nutrition philosophy, they make pet food products with purpose. They begin this process by scouring the earth for simple, natural ingredients that unleash your pet’s “inner gold!” Their Solid Gold dry dog and cat food products for example each use their Gold Source Core Nutrition formula. This includes ocean fish meal for a balanced protein to help with muscle growth and egg’s essential amino acids to support muscle growth and metabolism. Solid Gold also includes super foods like pumpkin, along with Vitamins C and E, so their dry food products can help support your pet’s immune system and long term health. Omega fatty acids are used to promote immune system function plus skin and coat health, while protected probiotics and natural prebiotic fiber support your pet’s digestion. Taurine is also added to Solid Gold products to support heart health along with L-Carnitine to help burn fat and maintain muscle mass.

By using a combination of meat meal and high quality fresh meat instead of meat by-products, Solid Gold is able to provide your pet an adequate supply of meat protein in every dish. Solid Gold is dedicated to providing pets with the highest quality ingredients, even if it means they are sourced internationally. Regardless of the sourcing, all Solid Gold ingredients undergo multiple checkpoints against key health and safety criteria and are brought into Solid Gold US manufacturing facilities where their unique recipes are crafted into food products and packaged for sale. Solid Gold treats are made in the US with 100% US ingredients, so you can safely reward your dog.

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