OraVet knows that at-home dental care is an important part of any pet’s wellbeing. Because poor dental health can lead to serious health conditions, preventative care is an important step in keeping pets happy and healthy. That’s why OraVet makes it easy to take care of their basic dental needs, with products that actually prevent the formation of harmful bacteria, which is what leads to plaque and tartar buildup. Including a dental chew that is the only one of its kind to use delmopinol, just one per day keeps the bad breath and tartar away! While the chews work to loosen and scrub away existing plaque, the special ingredient works to create a barrier that prevents future buildup. Another great alternative is the OraVet plaque prevention gel, which is easily applied once per week along the gum line. Tasteless and odorless, it’s another convenient option to keep pets’ dental health at its very best!

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