When 4-Legger founder lost her dog to cancer and got diagnosed with breast cancer in the same day, she knew it was time to start paying attention to every single thing that came in contact with her and her dogs—and this included grooming products. This was more important than ever during her fight with cancer, when her dogs required frequent bathing to keep germs out of the home. To her shock and disappointment, her dogs were soon suffering from dry, flaking and itchy skin, despite taking the extra step and cost to buy “all-natural” formulas. Upon further investigation, it was painfully clear these shampoos weren’t any better, and there weren’t any real regulations to prove the claims of all-natural were true. And so she took matters into her own hands and developed her own, homemade shampoo. The dogs’ skin issues were quickly reversed. 4-Legger is now available to the public, is USDA certified organic, and is committed to changing the pet grooming industry one bath at a time.

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