13 Rare Cat Breeds Make Great Pets

13 Rare Cat Breeds Make Great Pets

13 Rare Cat Breeds Make Great Pets

Since ancient civilizations, cats have been trusted companions. Some cat breeds are uncommon, though.

A cat breed may be scarce owing to a lack of breeders. The breed cannot flourish without devoted breeders. Not to mention public opinion. Other breeds grew more popular, making some unusual.

Despite being rare, these 13 cat breeds are the cat’s meow.

1. American Wirehair

New York is very American. American wirehair evolved there, spontaneously. Indeed. Two New York farm cats… blast! In 1966, an American shorthair descendant was born.

Despite their harsh, wiry coat, American wirehairs are amiable and laid-back. In addition, they appreciate toys. But, despite its unkempt look, its curly coat requires little care. Grooming damages their coat. Grow! Expand!

2. American Bobtail

This unusual breed was just approved by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. The American bobtail is unusual and unique-looking. First, the obvious: their rear. While the appearance of the short, flexible tail varies, it resembles the bobtail wildcat. Roar!

It takes the American bobtail 2-3 years to attain full size. Slow wins. They mature into robust, healthy cats with no serious health issues.

3. Turkish Van

13 Rare Cat Breeds Make Great Pets

This Central Asian cat wasn’t seen outside of Turkey until the 1950s and the 1970s. The Turkish van is a strong huge cat breed with a semi-long haired coat. This coat requires daily maintenance.

The Turkish Van is a quiet breed with expressive eyes. Keep these curious and active cats entertained with interactive toys, enrichment activities, and a perch from which to observe their surroundings.

4. Korat

13 Rare Cat Breeds Make Great Pets

Even in Thailand, the Korat is rare and only presented as a good-luck gift. We want one!

Korat cats come in only one color, a silvery blue. It’s fairly uncommon for Korats to live 18-19 years.

Korats can get paralyzed by gangliosidosis. Ask your breeder or shelter whether they’ve given this test. After bringing your cat home, anticipate a clever, kind friend.

5. Turkish Angora

13 Rare Cat Breeds Make Great Pets

Another Turkish kitty! Turkish Angora cats are a national treasure in Turkey. Their traditional white coat explains why.

This unusual cat breed dates back. The Turkish Angora traces back to 16th-century France. Long-haired coat perhaps a result of chilly Turkish mountain winters. Good! Today, Turkish Angoras are noted for their loveable and flexible disposition, embracing other pets (even dogs), while they still prefer to be huge and in control.

6. Singapura

Singapura cats are a new breed, thus they’re rare. Expats brought them to the U.S. from Singapore in the 1970s.

If you want a reliable friend, choose a Singapura. Their personality has been described as “pesky people cats,” always wanting to be with their humans. They still adore their partner.

These cats are adorable. Singapura cats have larger-than-life eyes and ears. Their adult weight varies by gender. Perfect for holding!

7. Chartreux

13 Rare Cat Breeds Make Great Pets

The Chartreux cat is France’s blue cat, having a blue-grey shorthaired coat. Breeders in the U.S. have worked hard to preserve the Chartreux. Because it’s French, World War II affected breeding.

One glance at their lovely eyes makes you want to save the breed. Helen and John Gamon imported the species to the U.S. after asking European acquaintances about it. Their efforts created the North American Chartreux lineages.

8. Manx

The Manx cat’s history inspired its moniker. Manx cats evolved on the Irish Sea island of Man. Due to the dominant Manx trait, the breed expanded quickly. Manx cats were among the original exhibition cats and CFA founders.

The Manx ranked 31st in CFA registrations in 2019, two spots behind the Singapura. Why is this breed so unique? Even more than the American bobtail, the Manx gene is tailless. Round cats are lively and clever, almost dog-like. So if you want to go from dog to cat, the Manx may be your best buddy.

9. Burmilla

Burmillas are a new breed. Let’s assume a sexy Chinchilla Persian man meets a Lilac Burmese female by chance. Are there cardiac accidents?

First litter of black-silver Burmilla kittens born in 1981. Their features are more expressive than their Burmese forebears, giving them a nicer look.

Burmilla cats despise age labels, displaying “kitten-like” traits far into maturity. Like the Burmillas, they’re mischievous and laid-back. Perfection!

10. Havana Brown

13 Rare Cat Breeds Make Great Pets

The Havana Brown was produced by English breeders in the 1950s to create a solid brown Siamese cat. Every Havana brown cat in North America can be traced back to this one, says the Cat Fanciers’ Association. Whoa, lineage. They are still alive today, but were nearly extinct in the late 1990s. We’re delighted she’s stayed.

Havana brown cats have a chocolate brown color and a puppy-like temperament, following you around the house. They don’t take life seriously, except for meals (same).

11. Egyptian Mau

13 Rare Cat Breeds Make Great Pets

The Egyptian Mau is a 3,000-year-old slender, agile cat. According to The Egyptian Mau Club, ancient Egyptian artwork depicting spotted cats may have shown progenitors of today’s Egyptian mau, however DNA investigations show the breed is largely of European and North American ancestry.

Green-eyed and spotted cats are unusual and cherish their family. Only 7,000 Egyptian maus and 200 kittens are registered with the CFA.

12. Tonkinese

13 Rare Cat Breeds Make Great Pets

A purebred Tonkinese is a combination of Siamese and Burmese. From a respectable breeder, expect to pay $600-$1,200. Tonkinese have stunning aqua-colored eyes.

This breed was born to be a companion. They love to play, provide attention, and cuddle at night. Tonkinese are clever and love challenges because to their Siamese ancestry. Try teaching your Tonk and providing it lots of toys.

13. Rex Devon

13 Rare Cat Breeds Make Great Pets

Wavy coat, large ears, and wide eyes distinguish the Devon rex. They are gregarious cats who adore making friends and need involved owners with lots of time and attention. This cat has a unique history.

Devon, England, started the breed in the 1950s. Kirlee’s owner knew of the initiative to preserve the Cornish rex cat’s curly-coated gene. She offered Kirlee’s assistance to the program. Kirlee possessed a different wavy-haired gene than the Cornish rex, hence the Devon rex was identified. Kirlee, who died in the ’70s, is the ancestor of all Devon rex cats.

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