Dr. Elsey’s

As a feline-only veterinarian for over 35 years, Dr. Elsey is an expert in cats. And what he learned is that nonuse of the litterbox is the main behavioral reason that leads to abuse, abandonment, and cats being surrendered to shelters. So with a goal to provide a solution and save the cats, he created Cat Attract. Designed for cats that are inconsistent with the litterbox, it’s the only product of its kind—and it works. Containing a unique herb mixed in with the premium, scoopable litter, it actually entices the cat to come to the litterbox. And once they are at the litterbox, the litter’s optimum texture and particle size promotes the cat to start digging and using. In fact, all of Dr. Elsey’s litters use this premium texture and size, which is what sets them apart. Using 100% bentonite clays for maximum clumping, the particles are just the right size—not so small that the clumps break down, but not so big that it’s difficult for cats to dig.

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