4Knines is exactly what it sounds like—it’s a company that is for the dogs. Started by a couple who are the loving parents to Dobermans, 4Knines came about out of real life experiences. They wanted a way to travel with their large and active pets, without sacrificing their sanity or their car’s interior. After scouring the market and coming up empty for a product that could hold up to their pets, they decided to take matters into their own hands. It just so happened they were looking to start a company anyway, so it was a sure sign that 4Knines was meant to be. They offer a complete line of covers that are designed to protect vehicles against wet dogs, muddy paws and scratchy nails—and it all comes with a classy look that lets pet ride comfortably and safety. It’s the leading solution for pet owners that want to stay active and bring their buddies with them, while keeping their cars pristine and clean! And because 4Kines is for the dogs, they also actively donate the ASPCA and other pet charities, as a true pledge to their love of pets.

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