Merrick has been making pet food for over 30 years, and their mission has always been to make the best foods possible for pets. They use only real, whole food ingredients and craft all their recipes in small batches at the Merrick kitchen in Hereford, Texas. You will never find any fillers or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in Merrick Pet Foods.

The Merrick Dog Food line includes both wet and dry foods in Healthy Grains and Grain-Free varieties. You can get grain-free toppers and treats in addition to Merrick Grain-Free Dog Food in a range of tastes, textures and formulations. Merrick also makes Lil’ Bites for small breeds, Merrick Limited Ingredient for sensitivities, and Full Source and Backcountry ancestral diets for canines. The Merrick Cat Food line includes Backcountry, Limited Ingredient and Purrfect Bistro formulas for felines.

Merrick’s Product Offerings


Merrick Backcountry is a raw-style ancestral diet for pets. Backcountry recipes are protein-rich, and the dry formulas include freeze-dried raw meat pieces and coatings. Backcountry flavors often include game meats and fish, including duck, rabbit, lamb, salmon and quail to mimic prey your pet might encounter in the wild. Merrick Backcountry cat food varieties are all grain-free, while Backcountry for canines includes both grain-free and healthy grains formulas. Backcountry comes in both wet and dry recipes for dogs and cats and is a complete and balanced diet you can feed every day.

Limited Ingredient

Merrick Limited Ingredient diets for dogs and cats use a single source of protein and only a few carefully selected ingredients. They are designed to be easier to digest, with ingredients chosen to avoid triggering allergies and sensitivities in susceptible pets. Merrick’s Limited Ingredient Diet foods for cats are high and protein and grain-free, while their Limited Ingredient Diet food for dogs comes in both healthy grains and grain-free varieties. All Limited Ingredient recipes are formulated to deliver complete and balanced nutrition and each one is made without corn, wheat, soy, or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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