Lucky Premium Treats

Lucky Premium Treats knows that dogs are so much more than just an animal. They are best friends, fur kids and even support systems. Dogs give their owners the best every day, and that’s why they deserve the best in return. And with that in mind, Lucky Premium Treats created delicious, natural and farm fresh treats. Unlike some treats that are packed with endless ingredients—some that are difficult to pronounce—Lucky Premium Treats use just a few, simple ingredients that are real and nutritional. They understand why dog owners want to give their pets the very best, and that’s because they are dog owners too. Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Lucky Premium Treats was started by a loving dog owner who was concerned about the ingredients and origins of the treats he was giving his Maltese-Bichon named Lucky. He started experimenting and making his own, and soon the word got out, and the rest is history.

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