Loving Pets

Arriving on the pet industry in 2005, Loving Pets is staying true to their vision of offering pets and the people that love them with high-quality options. A team of loving pet owners themselves, as the name would imply, Loving Pets knows the importance of supplying the world with items that are reliable and affordable. As a leading name in the pet bowl industry, their best-selling stainless steel bowls are the definition of quality, innovation and affordability—and they’re also stylish and functional too. Because pet owners are busy taking care of their loving animals, they make sure to create easy-to-clean options that are dishwasher safe and naturally resistant to bacteria. But it doesn’t just end there. Loving Pets believes that not only should their products support healthy pet lifestyles, but so should their actions. That’s why they are proud to make a difference by donating to a wide array of pet shelters, rescues and pet-related causes.

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