Instinct is on a mission to transform the lives of pets. They believe that all pets deserve the best life possible—and if you ask them, it starts with food. That’s why Instinct has made it their responsibility to satisfy pets’ need for real food. The Instinct philosophy is to stick with what’s natural, keep it simple and be as pure as possible. The idea is to just follow nature’s lead and give pets more raw, while staying free from filler, by-product and artificial preservatives. They are redefining what it means to be better, by putting the pure, real nutrition of raw into more bowls. It all started with their raw diets, which have been crafted by their team in Lincoln, Nebraska since day one. Made in small batches at the company-owned facilities, the Instinct raw foods are minimally processed and held to the highest quality standards. Because ultimately, Instinct is comprised of people with a purpose, and everything they do is based on a shared purpose of transforming the lives of pets.

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