Inaba is named after Mr. Yoshizo Inaba, who started a fresh-caught tuna business in 1805 in Japan, providing fresh fish to families near and far. With a legacy of fresh seafood harvesting already in the family, it’s only natural that Inaba now provides tasty nutrition for the furriest—and purr-iest—members of the family! Since 1958, Inaba has been the most popular brand of premium canned cat food and treats in Japan, thanks to their obsession with quality, innovation and taste—oh, and cats! Today, they are dedicated to getting cats going “goro-goro”—or “slurp-slurp” when it comes to their juicy, tasty and lickable formulas made with deep-sea, sustainably-harvested and certified dolphin-safe tuna and other yummy and protein-packed ingredients like cage-free chicken, and absolutely no grains, preservatives or artificial colors. And as for food safety, every Inaba product is carefully prepared in a state-of-the-art, FDA-registered facility, which means they use the same quality assurance procedures as a U.S. human food plant. They’re all about taste, freshness and nutrition, so they even use packaging materials with special oxygen-blocking properties to protect the flavor and nutrients in each batch.

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