GREENIES dental treats, available for both dogs and cats, are formulated with highly soluble, easily digestible natural ingredients.

GREENIES dental treats have a delightfully chewy texture and bend instead of breaking to help fight plaque and tartar and freshen breath. They’re an easy, effective, veterinarian-recommended addition to your pet’s dental care routine that’s a treat instead of a chore.

GREENIES Pill Pockets have a revolutionary pouch designed for hiding your pet’s medications inside a tasty bite-sized treat. So get ready to say goodbye to struggles over pill time. With GREENIES Pill Pockets, medicating your pet is a treat for them.

Browse our tempting selection of flavors and treats for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes. You’ll even find treats to address specific needs, like lower-calorie chews for pets on weight management plans and Feline GREENIES Smartbites treats that can help reduce hairballs and promote healthy skin and fur and digestion.

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