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Since 1934, family-owned and operated Danner Manufacturing has been improving the art of fluid motion. They develop and produce innovative aquarium and pond products for both the hobbyist and full-scale professional. When they first introduced their original Dynamaster air pump, it quickly became the standard to which others aspired. Over 80 years later, their sophisticated, energy-efficient magnetic-drive and hybrid pumps continue to meet the needs of thousands of satisfied, loyal customers all over North America and beyond. They manufacture and market a wide range of products for aquariums, ponds and pools under a number of brand names including Pondmaster, Proline, Supreme, Aqua-Supreme, Supreme-Hydroponics, Magnetic-Drive, Hampton Water Gardens, Fountain Pump and Cover-Care. Danner is committed to offering the highest quality products at a reasonable price, in order to create the best value for their customers. As a good corporate citizen, they are also committed to electrical efficiency and alternative energy, including the recent installation of a large solar energy system at their Islandia, New York headquarters.

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