Cheristin for cats (spinetoram) is fast-acting flea protection, designed just for cats. The monthly application lasts a full six weeks to keep cats comfortable and protected from fleas. The topical flea protection starts killing fleas in only 30 minutes and kills 98 to 100 percent of fleas in 12 hours. Available without a prescription, Cheristin is one-size-fits-all protection that works for all cats and kittens (8 weeks of age and older and weighing 1.8 pounds or more), making it an ideal choice for households with multiple cats. The low-dose topical solution is easy to apply with a comfortable, rounded applicator and features a quick-drying formula that isn’t greasy or messy. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions. So, bring on the kitty cuddles, and skip the itchy fleas with Cheristin.

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